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Carnauba Car Wax

Clean, Polish, Wax and Protect your vehicle's finish. 1 Pint Bottle. 

Clean, Polish, Wax and Protect your vehicle's finish for up to six
months in one easy application. Beats-um-All Carnauba Wax will
protect your car, motorcycle or boat's paint from ultraviolet rays,
acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, and tar as well as removing light
scratches swirls, streaks, oxidation and will revitalize faded paint.
This product is excellent on all types of paint, in addition, use it on
plexiglas, fiberglass, lexan, windows, chrome, brass, silver,
stainless steel, aluminum and wood

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Unbelieveable Product
I was first given Beats-Um-All Car Wax when I got my first vehicle at sixteen years of age.  A high school Maintenance Worker who was as keen on caring for his vehicles and making them look amazing as I was gave me the wax to try.  I used that wax at least once a week on my black lacquer paint and I am not kidding you--you could read a newspaper in the reflection. 

There is no mess, no excessive clean-up.  You don't have to wrap a butter knife in a rag and go back in between cracks and crevices to clean out white residue.  You don't have to tape off trim.  You just apply it and take it off.  I promise that you will be amazed.  I haven't seen this stuff in almost fifteen years, and I just bought a new Lincoln and as I went to wax it with a sub-par product stopped and remembered my Beats-um-All.  Lo and behold, the wondrous internet found it for me, and I here I am ordering a bottle.  I can't hardly wait to get out here and use it again. 

Long live Beats-um-All wax!  I will use this stuff as long as I'm able to hand rub a finish! 
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